What we do

We are specialized in RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL projects!


  1. Success & Customer comfort

    Since the initiation of our company, we have realised that success demands customer comfort. We managed to create & innovate with the changing needs of the construction industry.

  2. Our Journey with you

    Cherrydo has a very long journey in the building industry and as it’s top priority is you: the customer so they enjoy the journey, because it in the safe hands for which they could be able to trust.


    On our first meeting, we will go trough what you want to achieve with this new project of yours, and so we’ll discuss your objectives. By doing so we will get a clear understanding of what all essential needs, discuss any concerns you may have and put forward any health and safety considerations for the project we need to plan, build and manage for you. We’ll also touch up on finance, budgets and deadlines to ensure these plan fits the budget and timeframe.


    Any detail is of a great importance to us, the paperwork we present you is prepared and presented in a transparent and jargon-free way, because we believe that the connection builder - customer has o be as clear as possible. The contract documents will include a cost estimate, payment schedule, and building programme.


    We are experienced and accredited building developers and our ultimate goal is to get the job done well. We belive that the building phase it is one of a great importance as well as the lengthiest one. We will arrange regular meetings to provide updates about the progresses we have achieved, this comes as standard regardless if it is  a home or commercial porperty.


    At the end of the building process, we hand over the documents and signed off paperwork. Now it is your time, to enjoy your new space!